Top 4 Dating Tips

Mr Smith UK recieves thousands of clients every week enquiring about Manchester escorts. As an agency known for providing the finest escorts Manchester has to offer, the phones just don't stop ringing and for good reason. However, some people think the hard part is booking the companion and don't actually plan their night with a Manchester escort. This is where people go wrong. Just like anything in life, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

You should plan to book a date with a Manchester escort like you would with any girl. There are 4 basics which for most people are just daily essentials and common sense. However, not everyone has got the message and we can thankfully say it is none of our clientele. With every date, you must:

  • Be Clean and Hygienic
  • Act Like a Gentleman
  • Smell Good
  • Dress to Impress

Each of these 4 factors is just as important as the other and will impress the escorts in Manchester that you are in the presence of. So here is a quick low down on why these 4 factors are so important.

Be Clean and Hygienic

In life, you are expected to be clean and hygienic. This is not a big ask but can be a big turn off. In the week before a booking you should always shave and clip your nails. If you are wondering why can't you do this the night of the date? Well, if you scratch or cut yourself this can spread diseases so it is safer for both parties if you do this in advance. The night of the date you MUST always shower. If you don't, your companion will ask you to shower and if you refuse, our Manchester escorts can walk out on the booking. This is embarrassing and our ladies may say they never want to accept a booking request from you again.

Dress to Impress

You are booking time to be in the company of the very best escorts Manchester has available. Our girls are undeniably gorgeous and turn heads wherever they go. So why would you dress in your gym wear or dirty clothes? You want to impress your companion like you would at any date. If our escorts are attracted to you then you are always going to have a better night.

Act Like a Gentleman

Being polite and charming goes a long way. If you are obnoxious and rude, your date won't want to be in your company and more than likely will refuse to see you again. At the start of your date, offer a romantic gesture, maybe some flowers or champagne which would be a great way to start your night off as you can unwind and relax over a drink. Classy Manchester companions love the little things and thoughtful moments. They would really appreciate being treated by a gentleman and it will reflect in how they treat you in return.

Smell Good

A big turn on for most girls is when a guy smells good. If you smell bad, our ladies won't want to get intimate with you. Smelling good works hand in hand with good hygiene and that is why both are really important. Why not spray some Calvin Klein aftershave and really impress your date.

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