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Sexy Turkish Treasure


Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Bust Size
32 DD


Minimum 4 hour booking

About Me

Hey Sweethearts,

How are all of you lovely clients doing? My name is Jasmin. I am a 23-year-old Turkish escort that is ready to make all of your kinkiest dreams become a reality. You know you can't resist my beautiful body. I am ready to become all yours for our date in Manchester. All you need to book me!

Let's start off with how good my body actually looks. Trust me, baby. These curves are all-natural. You will love feeling my soft skin and my delectable breasts. I can boast that I am all woman, hun. Most escorts don't really have proportions that men swoon over. But my body is practically perfect. So, you can worship it as much as you like. Lavish me in your kisses and sweet caresses. I am going to become your dirty little secret and you're going to love it.

If we go out on a date, my favourite locations include bars, restaurants and cafes. However, I would say that I am a pretty cultural kind of woman. I love being taken out to see shows at the theatre. When we sit down together, you will see that I am intelligent, charismatic and will always put your needs first. We can talk about anything that your heart desires. If you're lucky, I may even let you slip in some naughty talk that we can enjoy in a more discreet environment.

Don't delay your booking with me. Take me out on a date to Manchester now by contacting Mr Smith Escorts at 07555379875 or through our booking form.

Please note: Jasmin requires minimum of 4 hours booking, as she will be travelling from London.

See you soon! 


Review submitted by Louis on 10/02/2019
"What can I say about Jasmin? She's one of the sexiest women that I have ever met. She came to my house in this sexy little white dress. Underneath was this tight lacey underwear that I couldn't wait to have on my floor! This woman i is genuinely the hottest thing I have ever seen. She is the perfect companion. See you on our next date, Jasmin!"
Review submitted by Rick on 16/10/2019
"Cheers for that Jasmin. You're a star."
Review submitted by Gerald on 21/11/2019
"Jasmin was very elegant and confident. Just my type of girl."
Review submitted by Gus on 21/09/2019
"Jasmin was more petite than I imagined. Lucky for me, I love that."
Review submitted by Henry on 31/10/2019
"Talk about wet and wild! What a memory."
Review submitted by James on 04/11/2019
"Phweor! What a lovely young girl!"
Review submitted by Rolph on 17/09/2019
"What a fantastic night Jasmin! Thank you so much, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!"