Buildings in Victoria, Manchester

When you book a date with Mr. Smith’s Escorts you are booking with one of the top agencies within Manchester city centre. Why not take one of our Manchester escorts with you on an action-packed night in Manchester Victoria. 

Manchester Victoria is scattered with fabulous locations from the Manchester Arena right to fantastic sushi bars. You and your escort are bound to have a night to remember.

We have put together places you and your escort might want to visit, dependant on the mood you and your partner might be in. 

1. Manchester Arena

 Manchester Victoria train station is connected to the Manchester arena which makes it a perfect venue for you and your escort to relax and get to know each other. The venue offers action-packed events and has hosted big household names such as The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, U2, and Madonna. Manchester arena does not just stick to music it has hosted some famous boxing bouts including David Haye, Mike Tyson, Joe Calzaghe and local to the area Ricky Hatton.

 You’re bound to have an experience to remember with your Manchester Victoria Escort at the Manchester Arena it’s a fantastic venue and here at Mr. Smith’s Escorts, we could not recommend it anymore that's why it’s number one on our list.


2. Umezushi

This restaurant is based in the heart of Manchester city, the restaurant offers a relaxed and intimate venue. This makes it an ideal dining location where you and your partner can get to really know each other. The sushi bar offers a unique dining experience with its fresh and funky creations. 

Umezushi brings out the best of Japanese culture and its wonderful food, you must try their popular dishes. Wagyu beef, pork rice and their unique and tasty fish board. These dishes have given this restaurant the name it has today.

The restaurant also brags an extravagant drinks menu including the famous Japanese Koshu wines which has never been seen before in Manchester city centre.



 3 Tiger Tiger

This venue includes six bars, karaoke pods and includes a stunning late-night restaurant. Tiger Tiger is a perfect spot for you and your Manchester Victoria escort to have a fantastic night all under one roof.

Tiger Tiger has dim low lighting with music playing in the background, it’s the ideal location for you and your partner to get something to eat and enjoy a drink.

The bar and club is open till 3 am! So you can party with your girl till your heart desires!


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