The understated and peaceful Castlefield neighbourhood is an absolute joy to visit and is the perfect place to take our girls on a date. Castlefield manages to be relaxing without being boring, and elegant without being too stuffy. Waterfront bars, delicious eateries and phenomenal arts spaces make canal-filled Castlefield the perfect place to escape to and meet one of our escorts. 

If you’re stuck for places to visit while you’re here then here are some suggestions we've had from Manchester escorts who live and around the Castlefield area.

Castlefield Gallery: 2 Hewitt Street Manchester, M15 4GB

If you fancy doing something a little less convenient and a bit more cultured then you may enjoy the Castlefield Gallery. The Castlefield Gallery has been a hub of modern art since the 1980s.

This cosy gallery is perfect bonding territory as you discuss the influences of radicalism on post-modern art or bound over beautiful portraiture. Attending an art gallery will help you learn something about the cultural scene in the North and add a bit more sophistication to your repertoire. 

Dukes 92 

Dukes 92: 18 - 25 Castle St, Manchester M3 4LZ

Probably one of the best bars in Castlefield because of it’s unpretentious nature, excellent food and canal-side venue that strikes the perfect balance of intimacy that’s perfect for a date with one of our girls. A former stable remade into this stunning bar and grill restaurant has an unforgettable interior, balcony and terrace that provide the perfect opportunity to spend more quality time together. Dukes 92 is definitely a place you’ll want to visit when coming to Castlefield. 

Castlefield Bowl 

Castlefield Bowl: Rice St, Manchester M3 4JR

For an excellent date this summer, consider the Castlefield Bowl; this outdoor pavilion is located in the heart of Castlefield. With some of the biggest names in music regularly playing this venue as well as some exciting food festivals as well. 

This rare plot of green space in built-up Manchester is a great place to meet during the daytime that’s very convenient for people who work in the city centre. Meet one of our girls here for a quirky date, look up the line-up for this year's Sound of the City festival and maybe take in some live music together. 

Albert’s Shed 

Albert’s Shed: 18-20 Castle St, Manchester M3 4LZ

Albert’s Shed is one of Castlefield’s most chic restaurant striking the right balance between industrial and romantic in a stunning location with fine foods to top it all off. A menu designed to appeal to many palettes why not take one of our lovely girls to Albert’s Shed? Enjoy the low-key atmosphere and romantic ambience. The beautiful glass-canopied terrace lets you see all the wonders of Manchester and enjoy some relaxed conversation over a bottle of wine. 

Sugar Buddha 

Sugar Buddha: Arch 8-9 Catalan Square, Manchester M3 4RU

For a late night why not enjoy a night out at one of the best clubs in Castlefield, dance to great music, drink, flirt and laugh at the club that’s bursting with energy and charisma. A fantastic way of cutting through any awkwardness you may be worried about in the first meeting is to first enjoy Castlefield’s thriving club scene. And as Sugar Buddha has an excellent selection of cocktails and space to dance without getting crushed this is a perfect option to meet your chosen girl at. 

So if you’re in the area or you’re interested in taking a little staycation with one of our girls give us a call at  0161 433 9953 and we’ll make sure to sort you out with the perfect time in Castlefield with one of Mr Smith’s gorgeous escorts. 

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